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MFF 2018 - BIRD HERD IN THE REG LINE by godbird



[ ・。・゜✏️ ゜・。・ ]

bear witness to the lengthy reg line, featuring birb attendees from Midwest Furfest 2018!

I personally want to take a moment to thank each and every bird here for not only being EXTREMELY patient over the months it took to finish this, but also for supporting me and my work along the way!! Receiving the tremendous opportunity to breathe life into this print was a thrilling honor! I also want to thank everyone as because of these lovely people I was also able to visit my first ever con in the fandom. Without every bird here, that trip would not have been possible and I quite literally cannot thank you all enough for it.

This print was an intense labor of love, beginning in February and only now in July finally reaching completion. It took a lot of hours, a lot of tablet crashes, and far too many agonizing minutes of frozen screens while saving to make this stunning masterpiece what it is!

Again, thank you to all, you magnificent birds!! It was a delight, a pleasure, and one hell of a privilege to work on this for you all~

hope to see [and thank] you in person at MFF 2019!!

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    That's... a lot of characters!

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    One of these is not like the others, one of these is a false burb! O:

    Time to play Where's Waldo.

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      Found 'em! And a Decidueye in a selfie near the bottom left.

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    Why does the guy at the counter remind me of Vivigator's dog fursona? I mean, look at him!