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Eye Meme by Glitter Spook

Eye Meme

Glitter Spook

Finally finished this eye meme because I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I didn't have enough art already drawn to compile it all so I went ahead and drew this chibi thing of the characters from my fantasy story instead. Traditional because I wanted to use my markers after forever.

In order: Zarrit (my favorite of my ocs and the main character, cute angry demon god prince) Cherry (Love demon, Zarrit's servant and best friend) Jökull (ice fae dragon prince, frenemy of Zarrit) Sanura and Shani (the twin sphinx sisters) Korvinn (High elf healer, servant of Jökull, frenemy of Cherry) Melodia (Shark siren) and Snjór (Jökull's evil twin brother who ran off to join the darkness after blinding Jökull in one eye)