Glitch-172's bio by glitchuser

Glitch-172's bio

Real name: G-172-1

Preferred names: Glitch-172, Glitch, Botty

Species: G-X37 Model Anthronoid Husky

Gender: Male/Blank

Height: 6'5"

Age: 25 (mentally) 6 (chronological)

Weight: 250lbs with g-defuser
     400lbs without using g-defuser or if offline/"asleep"

Occupation: mechanic

Lives: Neo Springs

Fur color: White and gray

Eye colors: Blue and green (both go neon red when enraged)

Top speed: 40 kmph

Weapon systems: Prototype arm cannons built into both forearms.

Quirks:  Fear of Birds, can get fat if he over consumes.

:a brief history:

6 years ago, Glitch was created as part of a new weapons project known simply as final blade. Though testing showed promising results, the project was ultimately shut down.

The last model created for the project by tri sol robotics android division, Glitch has a plethora of unique features not approved for implementation by the people who funded project Final blade, among them the ability to decide.

Powered by a prototype vector reactor and equipped with unique functions for self preservation, Glitch can strangely enough, eat human food and store it as material energy around his body for later use.

Discarded to a sanctioned junkyard, he was later found by the yards owner and was employed as a mechanic alongside him.

Glitch has since met with a number of people he can call friends, and currently enjoys a leisurely life working with machines, and playing with his friends.



:A jet booster system:

a booster system built into Glitch's upper back that allows him to quickly dash or to preform a “double jump”. In zero gravity environments it allows full flight capability

:Improved endoskeletal armor:

Glitch's endoskeleton is reinforced with internal armor plating. Boosting his overall resistance to combat damage. A side effect of this is making his endoskeleton look less like a skeleton and more like a metal robotic version of his normal furred state.

:Nano-tech self repair functionality:

Glitch can turn any consumed food matter into a nano-tech that can be used later to repair any damage  his systems have taken. The repairs happen slowly over time as long as no new damage to the system occurs.

:Mass altering sub systems:

Glitch is equipped with a Mass altering unit. This unit which is more commonly known as a “G-defuser” allows Glitch to reduce his total weight by half or more.


:Two prototype arm cannons:

Glitch's primary weapon are his twin arm cannons. Mounted in both of his forearms he can transform one or both of his forearms into potent plasma cannons. They can be charged up for greater effect.

:Sub weapon functionality:

Glitch can add other weapons to his arm cannons via sub weapons. This allows him a greater range of combat options then his normal arm cannon can provide. Such as shooting missiles.

:Vector transformer item storage system:

the vector transformer allows Glitch to store items by digitizing them. Acting as a digital backpack to store and retrieve any items he cant simply carry around in his pockets

Glitch-172's bio


20 February 2013 at 16:12:47 MST

Everything you wanted to know about a mildly insane android husky all in one place.

yeah sure there's probably more then this to me. but really this is all you need to know via a bio. if i said every little detail you would probably be bored to tears. but feel free to ask me questions regardless if you wish to get to know me better.

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    Nicely thought out character here, I get the feeling ye have had some time with it to let him be refined and mature to this point :D

    And... 40kmph?! Dame das fast husky! I smell a challenge! >:3

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      its taken a lot of fine tuning that's for sure. naw no challenges im terrible at races XD

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        Why not! D: A Porsche bred Husky vs. a Cyborg Husky! its the perfect race! :D Like Flash vs. Superman :D

        lol :P

        but ja, I know the whole fine tuning thing all too well, got 5yrs on Porsche and his brother here.

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          well im not a cyborg for starters. i cant tell ya how many people get that wrong. XD it bothers me to no end

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            Android then? :o

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              that is right! still not sure about a race XD i mean is running along the sides of walls allowed...and grappling hooks??

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                Bring it ooooooon! >:D