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M.A.S.S Effect by Glenn Lazarus

The cornered office room of the office floor was brightly lit by the natural sun light as a figure could be seen talking on a company phone, "Uh huh, then tell them that they have a deal...bye" a anthro feline figure spoke, as he swiveled around in his chair. He was a rather attractive slim built muscular tiger dressed in a snazzy sharp business suit. The finest for a hot shot cooperate hot shot like himself. The tiger smiled as he hung the phone onto the company desk receiver as the afternoon sunlight met his orange and white fur. He was like any other average tiger fur, you found in the average setting. This executive partner was very ecstatic for finally cutting another well deserved deal for the company after three long months, he felt like he was on top of the world; and for good reason they didn't give a high corner office to anyone in the company.

You see, Patrick, the said tiger was the CEO and manager of M.A.S.S division for the pharmaceutical company for performance enhancers. From your over the market body builder shakes to latest advancement of dietary supplements they sold it all. With reason they were the near largest known company commercially with contracts from the Olympics to the moderate sports faculties. The found slogan could be found on any of their products; 'Go big or go home!' quite the aggressive one, eh? For good reason, they mainly dabbled in weight loss products and the occasional muscle building product, having worked his way to the top, earning his place.

But our story begins with this hot shot Tiger that was very selfish and greedy. Patrick only knew was money and how to use others to get what he wants. This usually meant he stepped on occasional prospect to get what he wanted, and lead him into situations but nothing he couldn't handle. Party types all the way; but our story really takes a look at a small amounts of comments and taunts that lead to the Tigers later predicament....

An alarming buzzing noise came from the intercom on his desk, from his receptionist desk outside his work office. Interrupting his deep thoughts; he fixed his tie as he waited on que for his lovely sectary to enter the room. With a carnivores grin from ear to ear, his polished feline tiger teeth and arched eyebrow met his gaze toward the office door. With a light on his door, he proclaimed, "Just a minute..." With that he cupped his tiger paw over his cat muzzle as he made sure his breath was fine. With that check over with he wiped his right paw on his suit leg and began, "It's open..." Patrick eyes met the lovely busty female Lioness receptionist came in from the door.

She didn't have to say anything; as she came into the office with her lovely figure dressed in that revealing black dress and hills as the female lioness strolled into the room. Her curvy figure and slender frame, as she carried the paper work in her arms. Patrick watched as she batted her eyes and her fur just glowed in the sunlight, as the male tigers heart beat paced in his muscular chest, he didn't miss a beat as he finally spoke, "Ah! More paperwork for me to sign Crystal?" He enjoyed putting a fine emphasis on her lovely name, that complimented a fine female lioness like herself. Patrick greeted her as he picked up the company official pen from his jacket pocket and smiled as he signed the paperwork.

He took a moment to bask in her female aroma as he felt his heart skip a beat; as Crystal spoke hunching over his desk revealing that "V" cut like opening of her dress that fitted her frame without a missing beat. Her gentle yet firm voice spoke reassuring his question, "Of course, just some of the usual and green lighting on a project one of the departments" she explained as she placed the small stack of papers on his desk. Signing the small hill of company project paper work; he watched as Crystal brushed her dress off and rubbed her back as she spoke once more, "Think after this Imma need a bubble bath to soothe my aching body." Pushing the thoughts to the clear cut corner of his Tiger mind, he continued to promptly sign the forms Crystal brought him. Though glancing at some of the paperwork his eyes were that of a hawk as he fast like scanned the papers, as one actually caught his eye for a trail phase test.

Patrick felt Crystals eyes as he skimmed over the product, as she spoke in question slightly leaned over the desk, "anything of interest?" It was then he took a brief moment breaking his concentration as he answered, "Hmm...usual weight loss products but this one apparently burns the fat off without any work... Approved!" he chuckled as he stamped it, knowing that it'll be another big success; handing the papers over to her. She smiled as she scooped up the pile of paper work off his desk and began, "Another win and looking good as always Mr. Patrick" she commented as she sat slightly on end of his desk restacking the papers to neater fashion.

The black striped tiger smiled as he met the lovely feline lioness, tucking his pen into his jacket pocket once more, as he complimented her direction, "And your looking hot today, muffin." She giggled as she glaced him over, as he began once more, "so when your gonna go on that date with me?" Crystal only giggled as she rose off the edge of the desk and straightened her black dress. She swayed her slight curvy hips as she began brush her curly hair that was lighter tone that her fur, "Once the divorce with my husband goes through, I"ll think about it." The tiger smiled as he exclaimed, "Its obvious toots you like me and I like you, lil wine and dine and party at my place." Giving a wink slight thrust motion, he felt the atmosphere change as Crystals attitude changed, as she rolled her eyes. That moment Patrick was confused as she began, "Is that all, Patrick or you gonna hound me...I got work to do." With a wave of his paw, Patrick watched as she sashayed out the door slamming his office door behind her.

This love hate relationship wasn't uncommon amongst them. They flirted, and usually other said something that got under the others fur. This wasn't uncommon for Patrick as, ever since high school, he had a way with words and had a very flirtatious streak that hasn't lost its spark. He was usually talk of the entire office faction, and lead to assumption by most was due to his promotion to CEO status manager. He still had his own boss' after all; and Patrick was working on changing that, and scanning over the copy of the miracle weight loss drug this was going to be his ticket he knew it. He honestly didn't think he had an inflated ego, well maybe a little. The peaked prime tiger usually felt the need to remind others about their not-so-fortunate physiques.

Some days were good and some days were bad, and if they were bad, he would take a trip down to the lower offices where some of the new interns were located. While office life as a hard as others seemed to make it, and many of whom couldn't afford the time to stay in shape. One could imagine that some had started slipping; some falling harder than others. Usually this was moment of Patrick the super awesome tiger would advertise himself like one of those models to the low life's of the company.

There were two in particular that he always enjoyed taunting the most; Alex and Rodney. One was a Hamster and the other, a larger raccoon; respectively. Why Crystal even spoke to that garbage feind he didn't know, but usually he took it upon himself to even the odds. See if Crystal would be impressed by his macho fur'ness. The tiger knew the two friends liked their job, but because of the long hours and fatigue that followed afterwards, Patrick had watched the grief affect their bodies and the harsh toll. Both had become rather pudgy; or outright large in their own right. With occasional request of plees for larger work spaces, that Patrick usually made it go missing time and again.

It was coming down the stairwell of the four fleights of stairs to the product placement room, where the company's interns worked mostly. This was even the place Patrick had started himself, though time again felt bad, but usually just nudged it off. It was passing the corridor toward the right side of the room, passing a water cooler where a Hyena was partaking in a joke with some fellow furs about a woman and rabbi, the lean muscular tiger found his targets. The two of them saw him coming as he smiled briskly making his appearance at the ladies, as he turned to the smaller ball of fluff and spoke in insult, "I didn't know hamsters lived up to their name, HAMsters" he emphasized as he pointed towards Alex's paunch.

Patrick smiled as he turned his gaze on the larger since he saw him raccoon in the snug suit as he began, "whats wrong, been raiding a few trashcans Rodney?" He smiled as he took a chair in the small cubical; he could sense the fear of the two as they worked on the company design and advertisement placements at their stations as he watched him. Only one or twice the two dared to look at him; as he grinned and further teased poking the soft revealing lighter grey flesh from his suit, "whats wrong, suit a bit snug from all that food you ate." He laughed and so did Rodney in uncomfortable manor.

This spectacles weren't private by no means; as she smiled his cheeky grin and laid the paper work on the tray as he exclaimed, "what this to be your focus." The two of them looked at him, as the hamster began to protest but Patrick cut him off as he began, " excuses, want this done by the time I get back Monday." Both of the two looked at each other and began, "sir, the effects of the drugs are still in lightest stages of testing, there's no guarantee its hundred percent by the numbers they give. They need a second opinion." The tiger rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms and began, "look you're the best I got...make it work, aren't paying you fatties on payroll for nothin'." It was that moment the office was starting to go silent as the two of them hung their heads low, and dared not challenged his authority. Some in the office defended their fellow co-workers, however, some also fed into Patrick's shallowness; namely yes-men. Walking out...he usually never stayed for the after show, though occasionally Crystal would emphasis how bad it was the treatment by the way her attitude was toward Patrick.

This would all change one day as part of his public image, test the items in question for an extended period of time so people would see that they do work. This one in particular was a weight loss pill that would let the person burn off the fat over a certain period of time, something that would surely be a big hit. The tiger usually did this stuff as he had tried; many of which became successful and added to the company's assets. With it usually gave Patrick a nice bonus for personally testing and being a product placement for the company. From magazines to the articles he was a star in the monthly issues. So honestly he never worried about it in the slightest, as if they failed. Even if they did not go well, toned feline tiger would simply schedule workout sessions and easily correct the mistake. Usually a win-win situation for him for the most part.

One of the technicians for the advancement placement products, that worked inside the company. Usually working under the Patrick leader manager of CEO of M.A.S.S division. The skunk had been emailed to speak with the arrogant tiger boss. By no means was the skunk fur by no means a push over nor dumb fool, he was paid to do what he did best; market products, though the tiger got the credit he deserve . The black and white skunk felt his tail flick as he rolled his eyes and waited for the elevator to further reach the floor he wanted. Their release date was only two weekends away, and by all means important product was at their doorsteps and Patrick wanted to take a weekend off. This wasn't anything unusual as he sighed in bitterness; and combed his fluff of black hair fur, with his fingers as he watched the doors descend to the top floor.

The sound of the metal elevators interrupted his thought momentarily with a simple coming to a stop. The average but nerdy looking skunk stepped out into the polished hallway. Greeted by Rodney's good friend Crystal he smiled as he fixed his thick glasses and greeted her, as she waved at him with a paw and getting back to paper work. The nice looking lioness began with a cheerful tone, "Go on in, he's expecting you sir." With a polite mannerism of a thank you, he heard the buzzer as he approached the tiger's office. His paw on the It was that moment he was door he knocked instinctively as he began while entering the office, "Hey, its me..."

Suddenly before he could finish; he was interrupted by the tigers angry glare his direction as the skunk approached the desk of Patrick. Though again like a receptive reoccurring action; the skunk found himself waiting for the tiger to get off the phone, and most annoying habit since knowing Patrick. Having to wait due to him being on the phone with probably important stuff, upon seeing him, he briefly paused before ending the conversation. Though today wasn't too long; as the tiger ended the conversation and met the skunk standing in the mitts of his cushy corner office, the skunk knew he deserved.

"I'll have to call you back" Patrick said as he hung up the phone, turning his attention to the fur in front of him. "You've brought the product in, good" the tigers tone of voice was straight to the point as he spoke once again motioning the skunk to come forward. Usually the skunk knew most furs grew nervous around him. Patrick watched as the skunk employee dug into his brief case and brought out a silver pill bottle and handed him the bottle of small capsules that contained a green gel-like unknown agent. The tiger never really cared for details, so he shrugged the stuff and assured he would read it later and mainly focused on the results. The skunk bid him adieu and wished him a good weekend, as he made his way to the door. Passing to the direction of the elevators back down the elevator with a wink to Crystal he rode the elevator with a new batch of confidence and grin of a smile.

The lean tiger that was Patrick could be seen as he tried to unscrew the lid and finally after a moment popped off the seal. It was then he was greeted by the aroma of an odd smell that followed. It was that of foul stale fishy aroma. He spilled a couple into his paw and popped him in his maw, he didn't count to see how many he took, but felt the heavy and bitter taste on his tongue as he followed it down by taking a swig of water to wash it down. Though while he had no reason to lose fat as he hardly had any, it was for good press, and anything like that is good for him and business. He glanced over at the clock; it was time to go home for the weekend.

He smiled as he packed up a few belongs from the desk and racking the rest of the pills into the container, and with a back into his bag. The occasional rattling of the pills could be heard as he motioned to the light switch and locked up. Turning his view toward the lioness as he spoke briefly, "Anything comes up, call me." With a nod, he lucked out and made his way inside the elevator and hitting the ground level toward the parking deck. Riding down the elevator as he did so many times before as the occasional stop and go happened but that was part of working with a large company a lot of bodies. Finally what seemed like forever, he reached his spot and made his direction in brisk pace walk to a special parking spot for him. The special spot removing the fop electronic device form his jacket pocket, he then smiled as he then hopped into his expensive Miata and driving like he had too many places to go.

Finally arriving home; Patrick prepped himself some dinner, though truth be told he cooked a bit more than what he usually made. He even made more and while it was cooking raided the fridge some. He couldn't believe how famished he'd become during the day. He had eaten nearly half the fridge before he finally ate the cooking. Though he was feeling a bit peckish so he ordered out; a rare event indeed. Being a CEO had its perks, and with that he had access to better restaurants. Though he wasn't expecting to eat a whole pizza; having finally quelled his stomach, he felt fatigued from it that he retired rather early late that evening.

Patrick fell into a deep sleep when he arrived late when he got home, and during it, all the food that was crammed into him made his stomach look swollen. This would later have repercussions; however, it was time for him to wake up to a bright and early Saturday morning.

The alarm clock went off as he lazily got out of bed, he slept like a log, something that wasn't like him. He gathered some clothes and took a shower, noting that something wasn't quite right. Once finished he went almost immediately to his mirror to confirm something. Standing in front of it, revealed a buff tiger with one noticeable thing: he had a thin layer of fat that covered his abs. They showed, but they didn't look as toned. If he wasn't awake he was now. Patrick's Tiger mind took a frantic wide eye look at the figure in the mirror as he felt his paws tease the ends of the white belly fur. To some this wasn't too bad, but for him it was everything.

Freaking out a bit over this small revelation, he got dressed and went to gym to try and work off the layer of pudge, while popping the weight loss pills in tow. Getting there proved to get on his nerves due to backed up traffic, then the day got gradually worse, resulting in him stress-eating, not something he normally done let alone detouring altogether and instead gorge himself at a food place right off the interstate to wait out traffic. Nothing of low class budget, only the finest for the tiger to boot as Patrick gorged on the ample food that could feed an entire family. The small Italian place on the side welcomed him and catered to him, as he stuffed himself, feeling the stress just melt away.

It was later; after traffic finally cleared he found the gym close and saddened expression he exclaimed he would be back bright and early tomorrow. It was getting up after late night of eating and depression of the gym closed, the weekend felt really slow and not going like he wanted. To make it worse he felt really sluggish today; as he woke up the next morning. He found his clothes not fitting comfortably anymore as he had to settle with pair of waist band work out shorts. He felt like a slob or lower class doing this as he sat on the plush sofa and the plasma TV show continued to blare in the livening space.

Time felt like it was going really fast as his stomach loudly interrupted his thoughts and the snug black shirt made him sad, because he had already been periodically eating already. Having eaten food periodically throughout the day in order to cope, along with taking the pills resulted in him being stuffed when he left and famished when he got home. What happened after that he couldn't really recall, all he knew is that when he woke up he had put on more weight than yesterday he just knew it, but was too scared to find out for himself.

Before he even could make a trip to the gym he found traffic for the weekend to be tiresome, being as he found it was holiday or something. Again he felt bad for not getting up and or having motivation to go during the day instead of waiting too late. So again he made his way to the eatery not too far from the work out gymnasium. The familiar smell of Italian food as he entered the old fashioned eatery on the corner. The wolves that ran the place was quite friendly and welcomed him; being as the company once or twice ordered for a party before so they welcomed their employees and gave them discounts.

It was chatting with the owner Patrick was reminded of the old days as an intern conversing with the rotund wolf. The jokes, as Roger an odd name for a family but he seemed to fit it. Patrick tried to deny the large helpings of food, but seemed he couldn't ignore the free food as he continued to eat more and more helpings. The family occasionally stepping into a private room where he usually cared to eat; nice and dark to chat with him, making sure he didn't need anything. The room wasn't a problem for the tiger, or most nocturnal furs.

As the weekend steadily came to an end, work seemed to go by quickly. Every day that he took those pills, the more he would eat and the more he would get fatter. He began to hate himself that he was getting out of shape, but found this unsettling appetite and need to eat more and more ravenously. Though the once tiger slowly was becoming plumper as the days passed and more pills he received. Patrick tried to work it off, but it became more and more useless as he was losing his stamina. Like his effort was for nothing as he slowly was becoming depressed and him at first spending money on larger suit but proved to be useless. This would all come to a head in a particular business meeting he'd never soon forget.

They were discussing the recent success of the new line of products, while everyone was talking, including Patrick who was also involved, yet eating some complimentary doughnuts. At this point he had packed on quite a bit of weight, refusing to believe it and in doing so, didn't buy any new clothing this week due to the rushed presentation of the weight loss drug around the corner. This made his apparent weight gain even more noticeable. They were going back and forth about how it had 95% effectiveness in helping lose weight, while a 5% was just a placebo effect. No one was really paying attention, but Patrick was idly stuffing his face with doughnuts, though he could feel his button up shirt and jacket get tighter and tighter, he was in complete denial until it happened where all those meals and non gym visits came to a screeching halt.

"Well we are getting some reports of those who are taking it saying that it's not working" One said as one of Patrick's buttons popped, though it was low enough that no one heard it. Nor was the act of the button really witnessed by the tiger, only seeing a few specs of fur from his clothes to be seen. As he continued to engorge on the sweets as the once loaded plate was diminishing, and he continued to pig out, they continued to debate about the product failure. It was Rodney that spoke up, gazing at Alex as he stammered, "But there few and far between, so furs will believe that it generally works" Another argued; as Patrick felt two more buttons pop off his favorite suit, but this time a bit louder than the last. "Then I believe that we should continue and try and quell any negative reactions, what do you think Mr. Patrick?"

It was then; Patrick turned his head in the direction of the lean fox as he asked as everyone in the meeting turned to their CEO and face of the crumb covered tiger. He had a hard time speaking up as he could feel the buttons snapping, and dry muzzle from the lack of hydration. Trying to pay no mind to the buttons coming off one by one, as he tried to speak, "I think that we..." he paused as a button popped. He actually blushed, as the Tiger tried to find the courage to speak, feeling his white belly bump the meeting table, implying, before swallowing hard and the his fox a lean figured fox began with a toned voice observing the failure of Patrick really apparently going downhill, "That we should what?" the main board fur said. Without missing a beat, Patrick spoke up, "That we should continue..." he paused once again as more buttons popped.

Guessing the members of the meeting room couldn't hear him; he found his confidence failing as a nearby rude coworker for another division began, "Spit it out for crying out loud!" a zebra exclaimed. "I believe he's right, so please just say it Mr. Patrick" the fur said in agreement.
"I think that we should continue selling the product!!" Patrick yelled, and what followed happened as if it was a slow train wreck.

Patrick stood up when he exclaimed, this didn't help the fact that his button up or his suit were on its last legs. A prominent white belly could be seen squished and confined to a failing wardrobe. This exhale and inhale caused the last of the buttons to pop off, and one of which hitting a fur next to him in the snout. The boar covered his nose as another lioness with blue fur looked at him with shock and comforted the boar, as Patrick fell apart.

His moment could be compared to a cracking dam that burst, his belly jiggled for a brief moment before it came to fully hang over his tight belt. Everyfur stared intently, some with shock as to how someone became so large and out right huge, and others with disgust in the state that had befallen him. When everything seemingly came too, the tiger was met with those four magic words. And a certain fox looked away for a moment and softly dismissed the meeting for tomorrow morning, as he sharply tapped the small binding of papers as he began in the direction of the once lean tiger replaced by a overweight pudgy lazy excuse of a feline, "We need to talk" the director said.

A door behind them slammed shut, one of the furs who had shut it in anger perhaps. Patrick took a seat while the director paced back and forth, trying to make sense of what had just happened. "You wanted to see me?" Patrick asked.

"Patrick, as high end manager CEO of M.A.S.S division, what are your responsibilities?" the director replied back. Patrick had to think a moment as his paw went to top of his white belly as he began solemnly, "To take care of paperwork, to manage the lower end of the company, and..." he trailed off as she couldn't remember the third one for a brief moment. The sound of the fox's foot being tapped could be heard; as Patrick tried to remember the answer. With the director finally cutting in and exclaiming, "And to be the spokesperson and image of the company" the director filled in the last blank for him; "Uh...Right!" Patrick said without thinking. Patrick frowned as the fox continued to pace back and form and occasionally looking at the Tiger.

"Then why on earth have you let yourself go, I expect this from the lower end of the interns," The fox to put a sting in the torture tossed the magazine from last month and side more successful story, as Patrick couldn't bear to glance at it. The fox then spoke bluntly as he sharply poked the tiger's midsection, lacking anything to actually cover it. As a sad look could be seen off the fox, stretched across his sharp muzzle his heavy eyes turning to the other end of the board room.

"Sir, I've got no clue. I've been trying to exercise it off, but nothing seems to be working!" he responded in a semi-desperate plea, even going as far as to jiggle his stomach for some extra support. The fox felt his short muzzle cringe as he witnessed the exposed flabby gut of the tiger be grasped in his paws and he shook it a moment. The fox let out a bellowed breath as he began sympathetically pinching the end of his bridge of his muzzle as he began, "Patrick, I'm sorry. But unless you can magically loose that weight, you're going to be demoted, effective immediately." The director turned to the poor tiger almost feeling sorry for him, as he began lastly, "You have next few days to decide, till then I'd like you to collect your things from your office;" with that the fox without a beat made his exit leaving Patrick the near appearing 400 pound feline predator alone to wallow in his misery.

In the shadows a two figures stood and with a slight giggle stood and watched as the two went their separate ways, and with a final snap shot a certain beady eyed individual smiled as he observed the blubbery tiger alone in the meeting room to decide. The figure wasted no time and made his exit down the hall and down a freight of stairs to other fellow colleges and to a certain work area...

Patrick heaved himself up and rode the elevator down to his private parking place. Upon getting in and sitting in this Miata, he found its seating cramped as his stomach pushed slightly into the steering wheel. He fired the car's engine he drove off, not before stopping on his way home to pick up some Italian food, finding that in order to cope; he would at least like to fill his...empty stomach?

Over the next couple of days, he gradually moved his stuff out of his former room. Though it had been slow going, his large and expanding frame made the movement and work that much harder. In between this, he would take his wondering fingers and hit up the snack machines that would be nearby. It would be at this time that, because he was no longer the CEO, his supply of "weight-loss" pills ran dry.

"This is where you'll be Mr. Patrick" the foreman said in monotone fashion. Patrick waddled into his cubical and sat down in the chair; being thankful that at least that was holding up his weight. He put his briefcase atop the desk and opened it, taking out some of the things that he had once on his higher-positioned desk. There was a knock on the thin cubical walls; a rather robust kangaroo came to welcome their new addition to the working team, though when she saw who it actually was, she seemed rather indifferent.

"On the behalf of this wing's staff, we would like to welcome you to our humble abode" she introduced herself before continuing, "My names Megan" she finished as she stuck a paw out to give a handshake.

"Patrick, it's nice to meet you" he said as he took more of a humble approach this time around to meeting new furs. When she noticed his large addition, she couldn't help but ask.

"You wouldn't happen to be in the mood for some lunch...there's this place that has some subs to die for" she asked with some enthusiasm, a girl with a knack for food. Patrick nodded.

"That sounds like it would be right up my alley" he agreed, and both sharing a small, awkward moment. This was interrupted when the tiger's stomach gave a low growl, who had glanced looked at the clock and sighed casually.

"Looks like it won't be for another to come back when we're on break?" he asking her in return. "Totally...s-see you Patrick" she stammered as she went off to her own cubical. The time for break came; both the tiger and the kangaroo went for lunch. Partaking in the restaurants good food, from there after they got back, the tigers luck finally became good.

In the months that followed, the two's relationship became more serious and in some aspects strengthened when Patrick finally accepted his body for what it was and she helped. Although in the minds of their co-workers, office dating could be awkward and seeing their former CEO on a more daily basis was unlikely at best. Patrick, softening up his views on others, decided to take the right step and apologized to Alex and Rodney, having walked in both of their shoes and then some. At first they weren't sure if he was genuine or not, but came to forgive him. Even going as far as to befriend him, once they looked past his previous actions and words; seeing him as a pretty decent fellow. With the eating that both Patrick and Megan had done, she had put on some weight. While the tiger, who was still coming off of the supposed diet pills, found that his stomach stayed large but eating not as much as he was able too. Both accepting and sometimes enjoying each other's company and the good food that followed. Patrick's life had stabilized and he was now heading in the right direction.

M.A.S.S Effect

Glenn Lazarus

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