Pride 2019 by GlassDragon

Pride 2019


29 June 2019 at 13:01:43 MDT

Happy Hetero Pride Day!


Even though I'm pregnant to the max I was not gonna miss out on my annual art for hetero pride day. Since I can't fit at my desk to use my good tablet and programs at the moment I had to pull out my old Galaxy tablet and the Medibang app to do this one. Oh my gosh I'm so spoiled by the computer tools now though, it was noticably harder on the Galaxy. ^^;



I want to express a little extra love here too to the program PostyBirb. Not only is it invaluable for how easy it's made posting my art to multiple sites, it also allowed me to work on and actually finish this piece earlier in the week and schedule a day and time for it to be uploaded, so it would be on the day of. (So hello future people, from the not-too-distant past. ;3)

So on the off chance I'm at the hospital in labor or have the new baby to attend to, I (hopefully) won't be missing uploading on the day of.

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