Tiefling Cleric, Lavinia Pentasea by GlassDragon

Tiefling Cleric, Lavinia Pentasea


17 March 2019 at 21:09:10 MDT

This is for my Saturday Pathfinder 2e game. Last time we got totally destroyed by our boss and had a TPK, so rather than restart the campaign, we found a legit plot reason to bring in a new adventuring party. I rolled a tiefling cleric of Pharasma, I'm going fully healer with this one since that's what our last party was kind of lacking. A friend of mine has actually been a contributor on published books and is very experienced with system conversions, so he wonderfully ported a more interesting race for me to use (rather than human, short humans, pointy eared human, and so on).

My group claims to be "good" but tends to have debauchery problems, so rather than bang my head against a wall trying to be a good guy like I always do, I built Lavinia to be more Neutral Evil (Neutral mechanically). Her end goal is true immortality, not a state of undeath like lichdom or vampirism, but an actual halt to aging and never dying while alive. She took a focus on the healing domain to extend her own life as much as possible and to keep her meat shields, I mean....companions, alive to protect her.

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