With your halo slipping down by gingerpepp

With your halo slipping down


22 April 2015 at 22:35:49 MDT

Troi is one of my lesser shown voices, but a powerful one nonetheless. He represents redemption, and another chance at life. He was not a good person for a long time, into partying, drugs, sexual promiscuity, and was mesmerized with his appearance which he used to get whatever he wanted.

Then a change happened, and Troi lost everything, he was beaten and raped, he gave up.
But it wasn't his time to go, and Anima gave him a second chance. Now Troi is still that vibrant, colorful, happy, flirty, flamboyant character, just with a virtuous way as he knows, every day of life is a blessing.

Devon and he have similar stories of redemption, Devon's in a more physical way and Troi's a more emotional path.
He is with Saturnine's Lulu, which is so suiting since Devon is with Antique's Hush.

This would be him before he reached positive point in his life, he went through some real turmoil. I've been really depressed myself, and it seems to keep manifesting through my voices. I want to work on other art for people, I have it sketched and ready to go, but…. my brain just vomits up my babies onto paper and I just can't help but draw him.

Another sad angsty insert tool/apc lyrics here bloody sad SW picture yay! :D

Troi + Art © JGF 2015

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    It astonishes me that you're so into the music that I am. 83
    This is a deeply intense piece of art... what an intriguing (if not slightly distraught) character he is! I think his hair is downright fabulous. <3