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Cold and Blank by gingerpepp

Cold and Blank


So this came around for weird reasons. SW hanging out with Mesquite can't mean anything good, but at the same time I felt like this song sort of describes Mesquite. I thought this might describe an emptiness she feels inside even though she doesn't show it, by staying fucked up on drugs all the time. A way to escape thinking about it. And the song felt really personal right now, too. Like I said, regardless of what this may mean to Mesquite, SW hanging around her isn't good. But part of SW would love to hang out with Mesquite sometime, get all fucked up on drugs and not have to deal with Dimitri all the time.

Guess SW gets all unkempt and cuts herself up when she's feeling all fucked up. Hm, yeah, that sounds about right actually. ;p

Anyways. I owe a HUGE thank you to Sugarpill's Antique for giving me some major tips on anatomy on skinny androgynous characters that have assisted me in skinny characters like Mesquite here. I also owe a huge thank you to Frick who's art inspires me a lot. Gave something a little new a go. I hope you like it Laura!! No matter how fucked up Mesquite hanging out with SW may be, it still does mean something that even in my darkest moments I turn to you. <3
ALSO you are one of the only people I've imagined theme songs for their characters. Really. You and Phee and that's about it. So Mesquite gets this and "Drag the Waters" by Pantera ;p

Mesquite © horrorshow
SW + Art © JGF 2015
Lyrics to "Coma White" © Marilyn Manson

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