Giggle and the flames grow higher by gingerpepp

Giggle and the flames grow higher


16 August 2015 at 14:07:34 MDT

This couple makes me so so so happy y'all have no idea. This is my Lullaby the albino Smooth Collie with Ophelia Rose/Antique/Sugarpill's Eshe, the albino Nile Crocodile. These two are so fucking precious to me I would die if anyone drew them.

Lullaby is huge element of religious symbolism amongst my characters, being the sister to my "god" character, Gravity. She is, in a sort of way, a comparison to "Jesus." Eshe is a girl who's been through some very hard times and is very stoic, stubborn, and dismissive of anything to do with religion or magic for very good reasons. She has a prosthetic right arm that I tried to portray here, which I think is one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen - especially when used on a Croc, where losing a limb is a commonplace thing.

Developing these two with Phee has been so incredible. I'm discovering what Lullaby is truly like now, not just who she is from afar, if that makes sense. There is humor in this relationship, fun, and seriousness. Here's Lullaby conjuring up some stars, hearts and wine for a Eshe who doesn't look too pleased to see her.

MY SCANNER IS A BITCH hits it It mauls my pale colors, especially pinks ;; and just east all shades of pink in particular. I tried to fix it some in Photoshop but alas this is as good as it gets.

Lyrics © the amazing MJK as per usual, this time in the form of Puscifer's "Indigo Children" which keeps making me think of them.

((To my commissioners, I promise, I am working on commissions. I'm so sorry for the delay. Note me if you need any information.))

Eshe © xsugarpill ~Antique
Lullaby + Art © JGF 2015

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