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[OPEN] First Serafin Flatsale! by Gig

[OPEN] First Serafin Flatsale!


Repost from DA! Full info is located here:
Feel free to post here to claim, though! I'll do my best to keep everything updated +v+a

Aahhh these went pretty fast on DA so the only one left is Clear Waters! qvq I hope you all like them though!

★ Please be familiar with my TOS! By purchasing, you agree to these terms.
★ Post with which one you would like to claim. First come first served.
★ Please do not edit or hide claim comments! If you would like to claim something else please make a new comment stating so.
Please make sure you have enough money when claiming! Backing out of/hiding claim comments multiple times will lead to blacklisting.
★ Once I approve your claim, please send me a note with your PayPal info so I can send an invoice.
★ Payment is due within 48 hours of approving your claim.
★ Upon receiving payment, I will note you the full sized, unwatermarked images (flat colored and shaded) of your adopt!

You may view their masterlist entries for their full trait list here!

Clear Waters [$35]
★ All Common
Owner: N/A (still available!)

Flower Child [$35]
★ All Common
Owner: deartoriel @ DA [paid]

Glittering Embers [$35]
★ All Common
Owner: StapleWings @ DA [paid]

Violet Skies [$35]
★ All Common
Owner: Sacchim @ DA [paid]

Serafins are a closed species, please do not make your own.

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