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[OPEN] Heart Lure Flatsale: Batch 6 by Gig

[OPEN] Heart Lure Flatsale: Batch 6


Repost from DA! Full info is located here:
Feel free to post here to claim, though! I'll do my best to keep everything updated *v*a

Species info here:

★ Please be familiar with my TOS! By purchasing, you agree to these terms.
★ Post with which one you would like to claim. First come first served.
Please make sure you have enough money when claiming! Backing out of/hiding claim comments multiple times will lead to blacklisting.
★ Once I approve your claim, please send me a note with your PayPal info so I can send an invoice.
★ Payment is due within 48 hours of approving your claim.
★ Upon receiving payment, I will note you the full sized, unwatermarked images (flat colored and shaded, and with any purchased add-ons if bought) of your adopt!
★★ You may make your own hair style for your adopt! You may use any color that is currently present on the Heart Lure, except for eye, string, and water color.
You may edit the official image with a hairstyle upon purchase if you wish to do so!

You may view their masterlist entries for their full trait list [url=]here[/url]!

Peachy Tiger [$13]
no owner

Pebbled Dreams [$13]
earthcult @ DA

Small Ruin [$17]
no owner

Lit Confetti [$15]
persephione @ DA

Toastea!! [$15]
no owner

Night Blaze [$19] uncommon!
AviatorCid @ DA

These don't come with lure images, but if you would like one of a Heart Lure from this set, it will be an additional $3:
Example here

If you would like for me to add a hair style to your adopt like the following (on left), it will be an extra $5 as well:
Example here

Heart Lures are a closed species!

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    i hope whoever gets toastea!! gets artwork of it having some milk-tea :o those colors fit so well!

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      Oh gosh that sounds so cute V Thank you so much!