Bethany - Lynx - For EXOS by Ghostwolf

Bethany - Lynx - For EXOS


28 November 2017 at 00:26:09 MST

Continuing my flat colour challenge, time to meet Bethany White, a Canadian Lynx with a rebellious streak and some pretty cool friends; more on that later.

She is part of the flat colour challenge (check out my recent work to see what that's about), filling the lynx slot that was generated, and after some conversations with EXos EXos, Bethany will be his character in the future.

The eagle eyed among you might notice a difference in the line work of this piece. That's because you'll see more of her in the future. For now, enjoy the flat colour version of Bethany White.

Bethany White is © EXos EXos

Art/Sketch by Ghostwolf Ghostwolf