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I dunno if this is gonna work by Ghostbear

I dunno if this is gonna work


23 March 2015 at 16:47:49 MDT

Play with your plushies ... they said.
It's gonna be fun ... they said.
Especially if you swap them and play with the other one... they said.

I'm not so sure that really worked the way it was initially planned. ^.^''
Sammy seemed to scare the heck out of Suel. Dunno way, he's such a sweet kitty.
And Suel's cat-form WOW druid seems to confuse the lil bearkitty. Probably wondering what the heck this is supposed to be.
It's from a computer game, silly bear .. it's not like you don't play games you're not supposed to play. Sheesh...

Thehe... what a cute and funny ide :3
Thank you soooo very much Suel for this awesome surprise gift. I really love the idea. Those expressions of their face are sooooo cute :)
Poor guys ^.^'
And thank you very much  Lilpupper for making it possible ^_^

Scared Wolverine druid and lil kitty druid plushie © suel suel
Confused Bearkitty and long-tailed lynx plushie Sammy © myself
Art by lilpupper


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    Ok one Your so cute
    Two I want to hug you
    Three well that's it