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Meeeps! by Ghostbear



22 March 2015 at 11:30:38 MDT

A day full of playing, painting and having fun. Hours going by in a flash, crayons and toys flying and watercolors dripping. Somehow the bear managed to get more of the colors on his clothes and the carpet than on the paper. Even the curtain got it's share of paint and the room looked like something very big just crashed into it.
When Sascha finally got tired he took off his color stained clothes and crammed them into a barrel in his room. With some efford he tugged the back zipper over his padding, before pulling it all the way up, getting the sleeper closed by himself. Of course he would manage that, he's already a big boy, isn't he.
Just when he grabbed his favorite lynx plushie Sammy (who mysteriously managed to escape the watercolor) the door opened.
"What ... the ... ??" was all his caretaker managed to get out, staring at the unbelievable mess Sascha made out of his room.

Blushing deeply the lil ursine hid behind his plushie, ears folded down and honey colored eyes wide with guilt.
"Sammy..." he meeped " me!"

Absolutly cute picture, done by the highly talented   Jazzycat Jazzycat.
Thank you sooo much, Jazzy ... you created such an adorable scene. It remind me when i used to mess up my room like this, getting in a lot of trouble for that. Gawd, coloring all the mess my lil one created must have taken ages and omg oh those tiny details in the room.
Am I the only one really digging that cross-eyed panda bear plush? giggles
Please make sure to hop over to her account and let her know that she did great work. ^.^