Hot chocolate by Ghostbear

Hot chocolate


15 October 2017 at 04:09:30 MDT

With a cat-like purr Sascha was holding a large mug with a pawprint in his hands. More important than pawprint of the mug however was the content.
Sweet hot chocolate with a generous helping of cream and of course some Marshmallows as well. The ideal drink for a cold evening in fall.
Dressed into some roomy and comfy footed Pjs with a hood, stars, paw prints made from some anti-slip material on the soles of the Pjs and a long zipper that ran down from the neck to the ankles, the little bearkitty was enjoying his hot cocoa. And dribbling a bit of the Marhsmallow cream mixture down on one side. Whoops.
Cf course he wasn't alone.
His best plushie friend, the long-tailed lynx Sammy, was right next to him, wearing his signature black & purple scarf and looking happily at his own drink.
The big paw print mug in front of Sammy was almost as large as the lynx himself... but it was unmistakeably his, the label "Sammy's Mug!" made that perfectly clear.
But it was soooo large.
Still slurping down his own drink and purring in delight, Sascha looked at his feline companion.
"Hey Sammy... do you need help with this?"

Wheee... Hot chocolate, comfy clothing and a friend. What better way to spend a cold, damp evening in fall. :3
Adorable picture that was drawn by the super-friendly  tropicana. Thank you so very much!
You absolutely nailed it, from the cocoa to the comfy PJs to Sammy's Mug. Awesome!


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    Sammy even has his own mug, how cute!

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      Yeah, he wanted his own mug. Not sure if he can finish it tho, maybe I should help him