Swimming together by Ghostbear

Swimming together


29 August 2017 at 14:50:56 MDT

What is more fun than to go swimming on a hot summer's day? Crystal clear lake, relatively warm water and the best friend to share the experience.
Well, the last thing proved to be a little more difficult, as Sammy is a bit water-shy.
But with the right equipment... a purple kickboard and a wristband that connects Sammy's paw to Sascha... the lynx reluctantly went on board.
after a while, he even seemed to enjoy himself a little, while his little owner was happily kicking through the water with his swim ring and purple water wings, matching the color of his shirt and swim diaper.
Oh and of course Sascha can swim. Quite well in fact. He is a bear after all. The inflatables are just for fun (and to calm down his step parents ^.^')

An adorable commission, done by the talented  sila
I really like the translucent swim ring and that she even included Sammy on his little kickboard :3 And he looks so happy :)
Yeah, cats really don't like water it seems ^.^'