Uhhm ... Trick or Treat? by Ghostbear

Uhhm ... Trick or Treat?


29 October 2016 at 14:57:28 MDT

It was Halloween again.
The night were kids can stay up late, roam the streets outside, dressed as monsters, zombies, vampires and fantasy creatures, trying to get as much Candy and sweets as they can.
And of course a certain little bear hybrid wasn't really different from that.
Earlier this evening he was dressing up to go Trick & treating. No monster or supernatural being, this year Sascha had chosen a kigu of his favorite Pokemon as his costume.
He liked the elegant, purple Pokemon so he asked his stepparents for a kigu of that. It wasn't difficult to come by and really looked cute.
No so much elegance, especially not when worn by a Bearkitty cub with a thick, crinkly diaper underneath. Not his usual pull-ups, his mum wanted to make sure that Sascha was all protected, even when being totally distracted by his hunt for sweets.
After the inevitable admonitions to stay on the sidewalk, not to go with strangers and not to stray too far away the little ursine was bouncing out of the door, waddling down the street.
Of course Sammy was with him, he would never leave without his plushie friend.
He chose his first target, a neighbour house that was lavishly decorated with all kinds of Halloween stuff.
Carefully to avoid jumpscares he toddled up the stairs, ringing the bell. A few seconds later he was greeted by a large vampire and a witch.
Smiling shyly he looked up to the pair, lifting up the pumpkin bucket and clutching Sammy to his chest.
"Uhhm ... Trick or Treat?"

Adorable Halloween commission, drawn by the awesome  Ratze
Didn't really plan to get one this year, but when Ratze opened up his Halloween specials ... I cute not resist.
So here we have a lil cute bearkitty in his Espeon kigu ^_^
Thaaank you :3


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    Love your espyon kigurumi