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Alex Keaton's Cheat Day : Stuffing Story by German-Werewolf-Vetor

Alex P. Keaton had finished his workout routine. Taking long jogs on the treadmill, lifting dumbbells, doing sit ups, and resting in the sauna. The usual workout to keep his handsome physique. The only difference being that he decided to push himself harder. He wanted to gain a little more muscle mass so he could impress the ladies. In order to do that, he had to cut down his portions and stop eating certain foods. He had proceeded with this for five days. All was great until he had very strong cravings.

Alex sighed from exhaustion. " God what a workout. I really pushed myself hard today ", grabbing jeans from his gym bag, pulling them up and buttoning them. He looked down to see that he was starting to form some ab definition. Alex smiled, feeling very pleased with himself. " Awesome! This has really payed off. ". lifting his arms and flexing them. Giggling when he felt his muscles tighten. His thoughts switched immediately when he felt his stomach make a thick loud gurgle. " Oough. But at what cost. " groaning as he rubbed his stomach. He really missed eating his favorite foods. One thing that he'd been craving since the past five days was fried chicken. His favorite part of the chicken he loved to eat was the legs. Especially when they were fried. The taste and texture always gave him great satisfaction. His stomach growled again. Just the thought of it was making him hungrier. " Hmm, you know what. " He said to himself. " I've been busting my ass off for the past few days. I think I deserve a little reward for my efforts. " Putting on his shirt. He walked out of the gym and got into his car. Driving over to the nearest fried chicken restaurant. Going to get himself his cheat meal.

He arrived home with two big buckets of chicken legs. " These smell good! I can't wait to eat them. " placing them down on the table. He was about to open them when he remembered. His family had stored a few two liter bottles of coke. They were saving them for future special events like parties or get togethers. He shrugged his shoulders, he didn't think they would mind his he just had a little. Taking one of the bottles out of the cabinet, placing it down with the two buckets. Sitting himself down, very excited to eat. He opened both lids, the aroma growing stronger. This made his mouth water. Even resulting in his stomach growling again. " Worry no more, I'm gonna eat! ", licking his lips. He grabbed the legs, quickly scarfing them down. Licking the bones clean, not leaving any scraps behind. He couldn't help but moan with each bite he made. Alex was so entranced by the flavor and texture that he failed to notice his stomach growing. Each mouth filled gulp caused his belly to push forward. The lower part of his shirt tightening up as it kept expanding.

The first bucket was completely empty. Nothing but cleaned bones and grease. Leaning back, Alex looked down to see his stomach. His shirt was so tight that he could see the outline of his navel. He could also feel the stuffed orb press up against his belt and button, making him uncomfortable. " I should unbutton myself. Don't wanna have to buy another pair. " struggling to get his hands under his belly. He managed to un-buckle his belt. Pulling it out of the belt loops. Giving him minor relief from the pressure. Reaching down again to un-button his jeans. Right as he un-buttoned and pulled the zipper down. His belly shot forward. His shirt quickly slide up, exposing some skin. He let out a little gasp of surprise. " Wow. These legs are really filling. " He said to himself, touching his tight tummy. " But I'm still hungry. " Before he continued eating the other bucket. He reached forward to grab the coke. Opening the lid and hearing it fizz, he gulped half of it down. Feeling the carbonation build up in his stomach, making it expand a little.

The bottle was now half empty. Alex licked his lips, loving the sweet flavor of the fizzy drink. " Oowwwrrp! " Letting out a mild belch. " Oh, excuse me. Forgot that this stuff was bubbly. " He giggled. His thirst being quenched, he proceeded to eat from the second bucket. His stomach grew bigger. The shirt riding up, revealing his navel. Wasn't as uncomfortable since he unbuttoned his pants. Very soon, he had finished the second bucket. Feeling very thirsty, he grabbed the bottle of coke and finished the other half. All of it going down his throat and making his tummy become more tight and bloated. After drinking. he licked his fingers clean. " Ooohhhh~ man. I'm stuffed. " He said in a satisfied tone. Alex's stomach had become very large. Almost the same size as medium size trash bag. " And my stomach. " He placed both hands on his distended gurgly orb. Slowly rubbing around, feeling how large it was. " I think I may have a food baby in the oven. " He giggled, finding his own joke funny. Feeling curious, he stuck his finger inside his navel. The flesh surrounding the tip, almost looking like it was trying to eat his digit. He started pushing it in and out. Hearing his belly churn each time he pushed. He found his own belly play to be amusing. Pulling his finger out, he turned his hips back and forth. Hearing it slosh and bubble with each movement. Alex stopped moving and giggling when he felt his stomach growl aggressively. The pushing and shaking had seemed to make the soda built up carbonation from inside. He groaned as he felt his belly tighten.

" I better go and lay down. I'm not feeling so good. " He struggled to lean himself forward. His gut stopping him from getting off the chair. After a few efforts, he finally stood up. Alex walked carefully, trying not to build up more air. He head upstairs to his room. Making slow steps up the stairs. Despite his efforts to not jiggle his tummy, the pressure kept building up. Reaching for the door way to his room. Alex groaned in pain, gripping his stomach. " Ouuugh! " His stomach rumbling loudly like a boiling pot. He felt like he was about to explode until. " AaaaAAAUUUUUUUWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRPPPppppp!!!! " A large amount of air escaped his throat, the pressure going down and giving him instant relief. " Ooooh wow. That was a good one! " He exclaimed. " If that was on TV, I would 'of been on the list of world records! " He layed down on the bed, his belly sloshed with each movement of adjustment. Alex leaned his head forward to see his stomach. His belly being so bloated and big that he could barely see his toes. " That soda really did a number on me. I thought I was gonna burst. " Alex placed both hands on his noisy orb. He could feel that it was becoming more soft and doughy. " I hope I don't gain weight from this. " He said to himself, a little worried. " Uuuoorrrppp! Ahhh . . .But still, best meal I had in a while. ". After his out loud thoughts, he yawned. Quickly falling into a food coma. In a few seconds, he was out like a light. Throughout the night, Alex's stomach worked on digesting everything. And even adding a little fat to his abdomen.


Alex Keaton's Cheat Day : Stuffing Story


A yummy stuffing story featuring Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties. He decides to have himself a cheat day after working out and dieting for several days.