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Sexy in Black by TritiumCG by GentlemanPlayer

Sexy in Black by TritiumCG


23 August 2019 at 15:50:56 MDT

TritiumCG is a 3D artist on DeviantArt. He was offering commissions, so I asked him to render my succubus in his style. I told him what Watamaraka liked style-wise, and let him pretty much wing it.

I gotta say, I like the result. And I hope that you all like it too. Enjoy.

Lady Watamaraka is the intellectual property of GentlemanPlayer GentlemanPlayer, and may not be used in any way, shape, or form without my expressed written consent.

The above picture is the combined intellectual property of myself and TritiumCG, however, TritiumCG retains the original copyrights. It may not be modified or redistributed without their expressed written consent.