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The Archive: Clear Quartz by Genisay

The Archive: Clear Quartz


30 November 2017 at 18:13:36 MST

Steven Universe Gemsona

Gem Placement: Forehead

Gem Lore:
Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile and multidimensional stones in the mineral realm. Three of its key properties are energy amplification, memory, and it's ability to be programmed.
It is capable of absorbing and neutralizing negative energy.

Stoic, passive, enigmatic, she sometimes even seems cold. But her outward appearance hides a deeper understanding and assimilation of what is happening around her. As an Archive, a recorder of history, she is keen at noticing what others might not, but considers herself an observer, and often elects to let them solve problems on their own. Her nature is flexible, and she rarely seems upset.

She finds highly social situations intriguing, but also taxing, and can seem off-putting to those who might try to approach her. While she never seems to display outright anger, it can equally be difficult to tell if she is pleased.
In situations outside of her comfort zone, she can come off as mechanical and awkward.

There is a subtle difference to her personality when interacting with Chrysocolla compared to all other gems.
She prefers a clean, organized space.

Sun Glaive

Archive: Extensive knowledge of past and present. Her very existence is to observe and record the history of the galaxies. At times she can almost appear to be prophetic or appears to know things others might consider impossible, by processing possibilities created by past data. Her calculations are not perfect, however, merely the most likely outcomes.

Flexible Aspect: Clear Quartz has no set aspect of her own. Her aspect may shift in conjunction with elements and other aspects around her.
Multi-faceted: Clear is capable of altering aspects of her nature to suit others. This ability is invaluable to her work as the Archive, and she has accepted the fact that it's use means she has long since lost her 'true' self.

Healing Presence: Though her personality can be hard to fathom, gems near her may experience a diminish in the negativity or doubts they feel.

All (Flexible Aspect)

All Gems (Flexible Aspect) Clear Quartz is malleable and can shift herself to work with any other gem.

Primary Fusion:
Gem Silica (Chrysocolla)

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