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Cute one by GemCandy

Cute one


I got tagged by a user on Kitsu to do a challenge he dubbed the Design an OC based off of you challenge!

You needed to draw an OC based on these rules:
-The gender has to be opposite of yours (if you’re non-binary, make it a dude if you have glasses, a girl if you don’t)
-If you have siblings, give them short hair, if you don’t, give them long hair
-The hair color is unnatural if you have a cat, natural if you have a dog, or both if you have both! (If you don’t have any, make the color the opposite of your favorite)
-The eyes are your favorite color
-And the clothes are the color of your phone case (don’t have a phone? make the clothes the color of your birth stone, or your sexuality/gender)

So mine were:
-short hair
-yellow hair
-purple eyes
-black and white clothes

I finally had a drawing mood, so I did it~
I love how he turned out, he’s so cute! The heart hands turned out real nice as well~
I can’t decide to name him Joey, or Finnegan, Finn for short, as I do like the ‘important’ sounding name that gives a cute nickname thing...welp, it’s undecided for now~
Also did some more playing around with shading~

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