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Venti by GemCandy



8 January 2021 at 14:12:31 MST

This is a present for my 150th follower on Kitsu~

They wanted me to draw either a character who wore glasses, or Venti, from Genshin Impact.
Since I can’t draw glasses, I just went for the cute looking boy...and then...when I went to sketch him...I zoomed in...on all those little details...and I regretted my choice!

But I persevered...and...can I just say...that I am HELLA PROUD of how this piece turned out??!!

Because this boy has so much detail, I went the extra mile with the coloring and shading~
I don’t know how to shade or use lightning correctly and I looked mainly at the reference picture to try and do that myself!!

With how I tried to shade this, shading is actually quite fun to do!
Maybe I’ll try and do some more shading at some point ^^