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Kaiteki’s and Ashley’s heights by GemCandy

Kaiteki’s and Ashley’s heights


Alrighty, here’s an OC I don’t draw often, I’m talking about that raven haired BOY on the left, his name is Ashley ‘Ash’ Kopperdium.
Ash is afraid of sharp things and he hasn’t had an actual haircut since he was able to decline once his parents told him to go to a hairdresser.
He’s a hamster hybrid, so, because of that, he’s hella short and so not amused by this.
He’s probably the shortest character I have, aside from Chīsai who’s a literal child.

And ya’ll prolly know Kaiteki on the left by now lol

I do NOT have a lot of experience drawing different heights, that’s why Kai has legs that just go for days!

I bet it’s not the perfect height differences, but oh well, I’ma roll with it and do better in the next one~