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-Stuffed To Burst- by GatorBuns

-Stuffed To Burst-


On a calm day on Pinata Island, all seemed to be well. The pinatas were happily enjoying the calm weather, as they went about their business. Of course, not all was well when is everything calm anyway? as a certain Lickatoad was hopping around the island. "Where are you two!? Come on now its been long enough it's time to entertain!" he yelled, holding onto his net.

A small Pretztail and a small yet plump Fudgehog hid nearby in the bushes, huffing as they were exhausted. "Where are we gonna hide now Paulie? He's really intent this time!!"

The pretztail looked around, then grinned as he saw a building off in the distance. "Hey why don't we hide out there Fergy?" he said as he started to run towards the building. Fergy and Paulie arrived to the large building, noticing it said PINATA RECOVERY CENTER on the front, as Paulie opened the door. "Huh, I've heard of this place."

"What is this place? Its pretty spooky in here!" Fergy said, cowering closer to Paulie.

"Eh don't make lemonade, it's just the old recovery center. You know, where pinatas used to go to get patched up or such. I heard it closed when it became cheaper to just have smaller ones around the island than one big one." Paulie said, as he flipped on the lights.

The two wandered through the hallway, noticing many doors were locked. "How long are we gonna stay here.. Its cre-.." Fergy started, then sniffing the air. "You smell that? Someone left food around here!" the fudgehog dashed off, Paulie trying to keep up with him. They soon entered a colorful room, with a strange tube and a pile of candy on the floor.

"I know this place.. its where they refilled pinatas!" Paulie started, but his blabbering was cut short but a belch from his Fudgehog friend. Paulie shrugged and joined in, eating some of the candy as well. Soon enough, both were a bit full, Paulie sporting a gut. "Oh I'm full... Lets rest a bit."

Fergy just gave the other pinata a disappointed look, as he grabbed Paulies head. "Come on, you can take much more!!" he said, shoving the pretztails mouth over the tube and then walking over to the controls, turning it back on! He watched the candy start to fill his friend, as he leaned against him. "There you go! Now eat up." he said, leaning against him as he yawned.

Paulied shifted about, squirming on the end of the tube but soon enough his stomach was full of candy and deemed too heavy to lift! The pinata could only gulp, feeling his body start to stretch as he heard his friend fall asleep.. seems like he'd be there for a while! Hopefully the repair tools were still in the hospital... a pinata can only hold so much.

Yes this is viva pinata picture.

I can't help but love Paulie and Fergy, and decided hey why not draw em?

And damn that story I added was a bit. Hope you liked it!

Paulie + Fergy © Rare

Art © SpazzyHyena

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