Gentle Giant, Sweet Scritches by Gany

Gentle Giant, Sweet Scritches


8 July 2019 at 20:09:45 MDT

Despite her teasing nature, Amanda knew how nervous Caden was about shrinking. He wanted to try it with someone he trusted, but he was quite prone to panic when having his size taken away. But she assured him nothing bad would ever happen to him if he were tiny with her. So he took a deep breath and said he was ready. Down he went.

He did indeed start to shake. Mumbling to himself in fear, he couldn't help but sit down and tremble. But then he felt the gentlest, softest touch around him. Amanda's hand was encasing him, hugging him softly, and snatching him to lift him up. She laid back on the couch, holding him up to her. Instead of the mouse's usual teasing expression, there was a calm, reassuring smile on her face. Caden couldn't help but blush and smile back as she held her other hand up to his chin. Then her soft, silky voice spoke.

"Shh... See, this isn't so bad, is it?" Her finger began to ever so gently rub his chin. The tiger couldn't help but chuff-purr. He knew now that he was literally in good hands.

A WONDERFUL piece by Pixiefyre starring mattythemouse mattythemouse 's Amanda. First time featuring tiny Caden! I was admittedly nervous about this because Caden's not normally small, but I do like to explore things, though only with friends I absolutely trust.


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