Alex's check up by Fuzzy_Chimera

Alex's check up


11 December 2014 at 10:53:10 MST

For my Friend Daiskida over on FA

Another Picture of a really really really pregnant Alex.
Jist of it pretty much is her waiting to get a check up to see if everything is good with her and the offspring within her still disconcerting to have this many inside her. Originally designated to work in field she has been confined to working Logistic with Lacy watching over her for protection.

Her demeanor has changed so much since she first signed the papers to join ION, Now she struggles day to day to deal with the overbearing load of her pups but for most of her friends around her it has been a blessing in comparison to her shady past and rough upbringing. Going from only caring about herself to how she is now is a massive jump from hard ass to mother. :P

edit updated the description and added Story snippet written up by Daiskida

"This just can't suck anymore...." Alex thought to herself as she waddled her heavy form towards the medical bay. Making her way trough the halls, she course heard whispers among the working staff, some snickers coming from random females and with the back of her head she felt those stares all glued to her massive stomach, and the fact the girl to whom said stomach belonged was wearing a T-shirt that it looked like it was close to ripping apart due to her swollen breasts, and a pair of tight pants, which showed off her butt and hips

Mentally cursing them all, Alex closed her eyes and just concentrated her hearing on her own breathing and heart beat. All she had to do was get her usual check up, and then she can head back to her room, well maybe she could visit the shooting gallery or sneak some sweets from the mess hall. Then again, she got caught last time doing it, maybe she can ask Lana for it, the girl had a talent of getting into places where nobody else should be able to, then again knowing Lana she'd probably keep asking why is Alex so huge.

Worst case scenario would be her begging Lacy for snacks. Knowing her, Lacy would probably force Alex to do something humiliating in return, just the thought of that made the wolf girls cheeks flush red, luckily for a kick from one of her pups made her snap out back to reality. Sighing, she rubbed the spot from where the kick came, as she finally squeezed her form into the elevator.

The ride wasn't long, and in that short moment Alex managed to relax for a little bit, exhaling she looked at her middle feeling some movements inside as her hands moved across her stretched out fur and flesh. As much as she desired for this damn experiment to be over, a part of her did wonder that after her pups are born, would she be allowed to see any of them or hell maybe hold one of them, just to tell him/her how she proud and happy she is to see them. Then again, why should she care? She was never the type to have kids or be a mother and these little guys weren't hers...Well, technically they weren't, and with them gone she can get back on the field. But, yet she cared for them, kept 'em happy, fed and even protected.

"UGH! Being pregnant fucking sucks! An so do maternal feelings!" She yelled in the empty elevator, as she heard a ding. Signaling that she arrived to her floor, with the doors opening.

As she was about to step out, she felt her pups move inside her, which made the wolfess stop in mid waddle as she looked at her belly, letting out another sigh she gave her belly a gentle pat to comfort them and make 'em calm down.

"Relax guys, nothing against you..Sort of. Just, ya know...Hormones and stuff." She said, trying to calm them down, or maybe she was just trying to re-asure herself she wasn't a mother type. Then again, with how much love she showed, she knew she was just making a bad lie to herself

Shaking her head, she began to carefully waddle towards the examination room, which was located down the hall. Frankly, Alex hated doing these check ups, because the med bay scared the shit out of her, due to her fear of doctors or anything medical related. Stopping by a pair of doors, Alex then reached into her cleavage fishing her ID badge and pressed it against the scanner. Identifying her the doors hissed open, letting her inside; upon entering a sudden smell of chlorine and medicine hit her nostrils forcing the girl to cough several times.

"G-Goddamit, I hate this place..." She said, managing to stop coughing for a little and then stepped inside.

The med bay itself could be more called a lab was a medium sized room, the reason Alex considered it a 'lab' more, was because most equipment here looked like it was used for research rather than helping with injuries, various high tech computers beeped and wheezed with life, half of the stuff Alex had no clue what were made for. Frankly, it made her wonder what else the ION company did here, aside from her.

"Ah, and here's my fav research subject~" A sudden voice spoke from behind, which would have made Alex jump, if it wasn't for her size.

Though, in the past she'd probably do some sort of round house kick if anyone tried to approach her from behind, but now all she could was look back and smile a little.

"Hello yourself, Doc." She murmured softly.

The Doctor in question was a raccoon in her 20's named Isabella Darkwood or mostly she loved being called Izzy. She always claimed to be from a pure blood aristocrat family of raccoon's, though Alex could have sworn she had some fox blood in her or maybe lynx blood, it was hard to tell.

The female had long chestnut brown hair, which always done in a ponytail, grey fur with her stripes being oddly enough dark orange instead of the usual black, her height being close to Carries, with her curves and chest size being something most girls would envy, though except Alex, which made her blouse was always unbuttoned and she never bothered with skirts and just wore simple jeans, the most interesting part were her eyes though, the left being green while the right one was ice-cold blue. Whenever asked about it, she claimed she inherited it from her father, and that was all she'd say.

Alex, did have a small fondness for Izzy, though said female was rather eccentric, almost like Lana was with her ways of sleeping in the weirdest places, while with Izzy was that she had a habit of appearing from where you'd least expect her to be, that and she had a habit of always stealing the most worthless crap for one or other reason.

"Sooooo...Here for another check up are we,hmmm?" Izzy asked, as she circled around Alex and then rested her elbows on the girls girth, her head resting in her palms while her bushy tail wagged back and forth slowly.

Alex felt her cheeks began to heat up again, as she gave a slow nod. Flashing a wide and toothy grin, Izzy grabbed Alexandras hand and began to guide her to the examination spot, said spot was a large monitor with fluffy pillows in the middle. Apparently, Izzy made this herself, since she knew that Alex would have a harder time getting on a bed. As Alex's belly rested ontop of the fluffy pillows, the wolfess exhaled softly and couldn't help but let out a gentle giggle, giving her middle a light pat and getting kicks in response.

Giving a nod, Izzy quickly applied some gel on the girls orb, making the wolfes meep as her tail stiffened from cold gel hitting her sensitive skin. Humming, the racoon moved the scanner across the large orb, as both she and Alex looked at the screen seeing the image of wolf pups inside her belly.

Seeing the image made Alex's heart jump, with her cheeks heating up more and more as felt she didn't have any words to speak. Instead, she just moved her hands across her belly, as she heard Izzy speak.

"Hehe, they are quite little beauties, just like their mother~" She murmured, smiling to Alex who just nodded and closed her eyes, and whispered under neath her breath.

"I love angels..."

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