Plushie: FuzziTanuki by FuzziMutt

Plushie: FuzziTanuki


26 February 2014 at 14:44:02 MST

Continuing my FuzziPlush series; this one was exclusive to an anime convention at which I vend every year. This is a Tanuki or Raccoon dog. o: There was only one available in my etsy shop, but it sold CRAZY quick. D: The one pictured, in fact, is the last remaining, so this is a rare one not for sale, sowwy. ._.
FuzziPlush are teddy-bear-like animal plush buddies all originally designed and handmade by yours truly.

"Tanuki-san, Tanuki-san,
Can't you play with me somehow?"

Meet FuzziTanuki, a clever little guy who was an exclusive visitor for Anime Weekend Atlanta. Tanukis, or racoon-dogs, are creatures known in Japanese folklore for being mischievous shapeshifters. They wear a leaf on their head to help them transform into objects, other creatures, and sometimes even people. Don't let FuzziTanuki fool you!

  • FuzziTanuki sits about 8" (20cm) tall and is just the right size to cuddle and sit in a lap. His tail is another 6" (12cm) long.
  • Made from soft polyester fleece with stylishly hand-stitched eyes and applique details such as his pawpads and tanuki-mask. Needle-sculpted face and toes. Tail is lightly stuffed.
  • His head leaf is made of fleece and sewn on, but can be turned to pose in stylish ways!
  • FuzziTanuki sits very well with such a large bottom, but does have plastic pellets in the feet to keep him balanced.

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