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[Commission] A Tribute to Swing by FuzziMutt (critique requested)

[Commission] A Tribute to Swing (critique requested)


21 January 2014 at 17:44:50 MST

A commission dedicated to big band swing, one of the greatest forms of music ever created by mankind--now performed by furries.
— soldier_volkov

Super giant commission for soldier_volkov. (Literally giant. The resizing doesn't do it justice.)

This is his swing band, Leah and the Tramps. Left to right are

  • Theo the Doberman on Tenor Sax
  • Jake the Cat on Trumpet
  • Mac the Wolf on Trombone
  • [in the back] Hernando the Wolf on Drums
  • Leah the Skunk gal Vocalist
  • Nate the Skunk on Alto Sax
  • Lanny the Calico on Bass

This commish was quite some time in the making (like... 2 years) and the actual piece itself took months and months of off-and-on. @_@ Likely the most complex composition I've tackled to date between the layout and painting. Yes... painting. I'd forgotten I'm bad at it and terribly impatient, lol; but powering through it was a fantastic learning experience that certainly paid off. I am quite proud of my perseverance (as it's my M.O. to give up and revert to my comfort zones), but that was probably the cause of taking so long combined with other commissions and work/life dealings.

soldier_volkov was amazingly patient client and I've thanked him profusely for his patience and the very opportunity to flex my arting muscles by challenging myself.

Characters belong to soldier_volkov
(If you are here on Weasyl, I will link ya and do the Collections thang.)


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      :D Thank you! And for the +fav as well!

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    Epic work! Very emotional characters! And critique as requested:
    Floor. It should be more realistic. Now it's too flat and seems like characters are flying. Just need more dark strokes of shadows under their shoes. Also floor should be darker when far from us.
    Background. Just make it much darker and scene would have amazing deepness!

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      XD! I am... really bad at scenery, haha... so thank you, an outside eye helps. Perhaps I should brush up on my lighting techniques as well... I was thinking the background would be too dark to see the characters, not realizing that lighting them differently is the answer, of course. o_o;
      Thanks for the CC... I've got some painting practice to power through, lol.