Introducing Our New Line Of Electronics! by FuzzButtFursuits

Introducing Our New Line Of Electronics!


22 April 2019 at 17:31:42 MDT

Although it's only been a couple weeks since we introduced our line of jawsets, it's already time to announce the next expansion to our offerings: Electronics!

We have fans to fit every occasion, if you're trying to squeeze every last bit of ventilation out of a suit with a cramped muzzle (think bunny) we offer fans as small as 20mm, or about the size of a quarter. Have a big headbase and bigger aspirations? Check out our 60mm fan, chosen to work perfectly with your battery bank or battery pack and move some serious air!

Lastly we have our LED offerings. You can choose your power source at no additional cost: AA, AAA, or USB connector.
We allow you to choose the color of each LED individually for greater customization, and offer the installation of an inline on/off switch for greater protection against LEDs accidentally being turned on, and allowing the battery pack to be somewhere out of reach.

This 10,000 mAh battery pack will keep your electronics running through the con without needing to recharge, and is powerful enough to recharge an iPhone 7 up to four times or a Galaxy S7 up to 2.3 times. This unit was specially chosen because not only does it pack a ton of power, but it has a low power mode (simply press the button twice to activate this mode) which can operate anything you plug into it without shutting off.