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!!MOVING!! by fuwacat



I'm sliding over to a new account...I realize its annoying to everyone and I promise this is going to be the only time.

I've been really unhappy with my art and myself in I'm making changes and I really feel like a new start will help me.
My office is finally straight (or as straight as it can be gotten without buying new furnishing), I've been exercising more (which has been helping my recovery time when I do get sick), and I've wrestled myself into a better place mentally.
Rather than trying so hard to please everyone and be a "perfect" person (they don't exist lol) I'm ready to just be me.
Trying to be what everyone wants you to be is a tiring I'm going to be the best ME I can be and let things go.

Instead of bouncing around between Deviantart, Furaffinity, SoFurry, Furiffic, Weaysl, Tumblr, Twitter and my own site, I'll only be on DeviantArt, Furaffinity and Twitter from now on.
This is nothing against the other sites or the wonderful people I've met on them...but for the sake of time management and my own sanity lol or what's left of it

If you're not planning to come along for the ride, I understand, and want to say THANK YOU for the support you've given me!!
If you are interested in keeping up with me, I really appreciate it, and I can be located:

This account will be deleted on October 31st in hopes of giving anyone interested a chance to see!!

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    Aww. I understand. It was nice seeing you on here but I'll make sure to follow you on everything else I have. Also, congrats for making yourself happy and surviving another day~

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      I really appreciate it :33