Magical Bunny by furryz

Magical Bunny


15 April 2018 at 16:20:29 MDT

okayredd: Oh my! Time and space has warped and Hazel and Lavender are face to face with versions of themselves who are superheros! What are their powers, abilities, superhero names, and costumes?

Hazel: I would be a magical boy! Fighting crime and intergalactic monsters while balancing my ordinary life and job. I’d have the power to stop time and maybe some sort of heart-shaped laser blast like in an anime. But I’d try to talk with them first. Lavender, of course, would give me strength through the power of love! And kisses. Yes, lots of cute kisses.

Lavender: Why am I the magical pet? growl

Hazel:] Well, because you give me all my strength and are my boss! You’re the most powerful person I know, so you have to be one… pretty please? makes pouty face

Lavender: You are lucky that you look so cute Hazel…

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    LOVE Hazel's outfit! ^.^

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      Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun designing it. :3