MACRO EMPIRE SoundTrack by FurryMuscleGrowthFan



27 May 2016 at 14:07:30 MDT

A soundtrack to the planned series MACRO EMPIRE.
Now I bet you're wondering, how is a soundtrack going to work with a written story?!
I've done it before, and it really helps set the mood of the story.

I will write in parentheses, the above the upcoming paragraph in an episode,
like so.
(Some of These Days- Kathy Brier, play at 0:24 until 2:15, at line 12 until line 25)

However this is completely optional to the reader if they wish to do so.
I am releasing it now, for people to have the songs already, to get a feeling how the style of the story will be like, and to have them ready and not have them scrambling to find the songs right at that moment.

These are only songs I chosen for it, all songs belong to their owners.
(Note: Not all songs will be used in one volume and more may be added)

Intro Theme
Straight Up and Down- The Brian Jamestown Massacre(BE Version)

Prohibtion Party Scene-Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks
(Will be a scene in the story as well)

Libery Stable Blues
The Dumber They Come The Better I Like 'em
My Man
Darktown Strutters Ball
Crazy Blues
Mournin' Blues
Some Of These Days
Wild Romantic Blues
After You Get What You Want
The Sheik Of Araby
Japanese Sandman
Don't Put A Tax On The Beautiful Girls
All By Myself
Life Is A Funny Preposition

These Songs can Be Found Here

Strut Miss Lizzie
Old King Tut
It Had to Be You
Everybody Loves My Baby
You've Got To See Mama Every Night
Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Make Believe
Lovesick Blues
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Who's Sorry Now
You'd Be Surprised
I'm Going South
Sugarfoot Stomp
Jimbo Jambo
There'll Be Some Changes Made
Somebody Loves Me
All Alone
The Prisoner's Song
I Ain't Got Nobody
I'll See You In My Dreams

These songs can be found here

Maple Leaf Rag
Japanese Sandman
Alice Blue Gown
Harlem Strut
Oh! Golly I'm In Love
Oh Sister, Ain't That Hot!
Down In Jungle Town

These songs can be found here.

I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time (1920)-Charles Harrison

I Never Knew I Had a Wonderful Wife (Till the Town went Dry) -Eddie Cantor

Putting On The Ritz-Taco

Putting On the Ritz

The Legend of 1900-The Crave (Jolly Roll Morton)

If You Knew Susie- Eddie Cantor

When The Saints Go Marching In-Dukes Of Dixieland

Kanonensong-Die Dreigroschenoper Band

Doin' The Raccoon, 1928 -George Olsen & His Music

I'll See You in C-U-B-A- Billy Murray(1920)

Happy Feet-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra

Is There Still Room For Me Underneath The Old Apple Tree?-Peerless Quartet

The Japanese Sandman- Nora Bayes

Alice Blue Gown- Edith Day

Shout Sister Shout-Boswell Sisters

Art By Me.
Songs belong to their owners and is not used for profit

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