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Male Mice Adoptables by Furry

Male Mice Adoptables


Hey there!
As EF comes closer, and looking for additional funds, I've decided to put the mice designs I'd done up as adoptables.
What you'll get is the rights to the character along with a higher resolution unwatermarked version of this picture by Redsilver.

The auction will end in a month, on the 7th of September at 10PM CEST, unless late bids prolong it.

1.Bids go to the comment below appropriate for each character, respond to the previous highest bid.
2.Payment will have to be made within 48 hours of winning. Don't bid if you don't have the funds available right now!
3.In case of an issue with the winner, the win might transfer to the next highest bidder if I don't find a solution
4.Paypal only
5.The auction's end will be postponed by a day if sniping happens.

The Starting Bids can differ for each and are as follows:
A. 65 USD (Dean has extra art to him as the star of the growth drive)
B. 45 USD
C. 35 USD
D. 30 USD
E. 40 USD
F. 50 USD

Minimum bid increment is $5
If extra art exists (for A mostly and E), the high resolution copy of it will be given (the growth drive pictures all have higher resolution versions than what's been posted).

Any bid at least 20 dollars over the SB will get a sketch from me of the mouse in a situation you like that I wouldn't object to (mostly gross or gruesome things), at the beefness level you'd like. This will be done sometime when I am back from the con, please be patient. Higher bids might get more.

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  • Link

    Bid here for A.
    SB 65 USD

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      Sb from FA

  • Link

    Bid here for B.
    SB 45 USD

  • Link

    Bid here for C.
    SB 35 USD

    • Link

      Has been SB'd on FA

      • Link

        Bid of 65 from Inkbunny

  • Link

    Bid here for D.
    SB 30 USD

  • Link

    Bid here for E.
    SB 40 USD

    • Link

      SB from FA

  • Link

    Bid here for F.
    SB 60 USD

    • Link

      SB from Inkbunny.

      • Link

        Another bid from Inkbunny, 80