Krystal by FurChan (critique requested)

Krystal (critique requested)


18 July 2016 at 15:07:29 MDT

4k desktop background, why not ;P

Been wanting to do some Krystal fan art for a while, I hear this month is her month, so that is a good enough excuse for me =P

I tried to make this one atmospheric.

I'm Holding the nude version until someone commissions me for some work, I was thinking of doing the whole Patreon thing but I would like to try and keep my none commission art free for everyone, not just patreons, also this way I'm encouraged to make more fan art for you all. =3

So yeah, I'm still looking for commissions, if you want to see more like this or you want to have something done, please PM me or E-mail me at: