10 August 2013 at 23:23:29 MDT

For the past few days my friends (the guys painting on the wall back there) were tormenting me with the color green XD Green's been my favorite color for as long as I could remember (which was when I was 3 or something) and they're putting green aLL OVER THE PLACE

It's driving me nuts omg.

Okay about the picture- I had way too much fun drawing this haha. But look at all that green. I dunno where they're at; they're probably in some room at the virus headquarters since Nelson is there :Y But what's the story behind this? Dunno. Use your -hand gestures- IMAGINATIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. I might know what happened before this hehe

I decided to throw Nelson in here cause, I mean, look at him. He's freaking green. He pretty much lives to be in here hahaha.

Nelson's not wearing his uber-green jacket since Frosty forced him out of that jacket saying there's already too much green here (wait, there's never enough green) and threw his jacket down the shredder I dunno. Long story short Nelson is going to stay jacketless for a little bit >:U

Can you name every single thing I drew? Haha, I doubt that ;) (Since like some of these things I haven't shown to y'all)

Probably one of the many possible scenarios:

Frosty: Oh my GOD NO NO NO.

Darkstar: Dat abssssssss eue

Katwolf: I drew Fargoooooo //laughs at Frosty

And Nelson seems annoyed that Darkstar and Katwolf locked them in the room pfffff

Nelson you should be thankful you don't have the certain virus nagging at you


Frosty, Nelson (c) Me

Darkstar (c) SmudgeWaffle33

Katwolf (c) KatwolfEclipse

The characters on the wall (c) Either me, Katwolf, or Darkstar

This was so fun to draw asdfghjkl

...SO MUCH GREEN <3333

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      Alright then |D But it's going into scraps cause not many people are going to look at this anyways haha