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Bust Commission Pricing


23 June 2016 at 18:47:06 MDT

HEY YOU! Do YOU like art made just for you? Do YOU like characters drawn from the head down to below the shoulders/above the waist? Then boy howdy do I have good news for you: I’m officially opening up digital bust commissions!

Got a favorite character? Perhaps a character of your own? Human? Animal? In-between? I’ll draw ‘em, in the form of anything from a simple sketch to a fully-rendered painting!

Starting prices for each “tier” are listed below, and you can see an example of each above (click the image for more information)

Sketch: $7+
✿ $3+ for each additional character*
✿ Low-opacity undersketch under refined sketch
✿ Minimal lined/hatched shading

Shaded Lineart: $12+
✿ $5+ for each additional character*
✿ Finished lines, no undersketch
✿ Full cell shading

Flat Color: $20+
✿ $10+ for each additional character*
✿ Full color + simple background
✿ Simple highlights

Color + Shading: $30+
✿ $12+ for each additional character*
✿ Full color + detailed shading
✿ Simple, layered background

Painted: $45+
✿ $20+ for each additional character*
✿ Detailed, fully rendered character(s)
✿ Colorfully rendered background/setting

*Maximum 3 characters per image (main + 2 additionals)

Please note that the prices listed above are baseline prices. More complicated images will cost more than the baseline price.

Things that may raise the price of your commission: Complex character(s) colors/markings (applies to additional character fee as well), elaborate/detailed clothing/accessories, extra background detail (mostly applies to painted commissions).

NOTE: I may refuse a commission based on the content/subject matter I am asked to portray. Bellow is a short list of specific things I will/will not draw:

Will draw: Nudity (ex: tasteful portrayal of breasts), blood/gore, human characters, animal characters, “furry”/anthro characters, fan art, fan characters

Will NOT draw: Sexually explicit material (genitalia, sexual expressions, etc), fetish material, underage nudity/sexualization, hate speech (etc.)

If you’re desired subject does not appear on this list or you would like clarification on any of these terms/categories, feel free to contact me. Please not that even if something does/doesn’t appear on one of the lists above, I may refuse any commission that contains material I am uncomfortable drawing for any reason.

Contact me at blackrathmar@gmail.com for all commission/pricing inquiries!

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