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Crimson Flame by FriedrichSchafer

Crimson Flame


It was just a matter of time that Fred switched sides... He is now a superhero, called Crimson Flame.
Sparks did such a great job on drawing him. I absolutely love it how he turned out. His new outfit looks so stunning!

Althrough, he still has a villainous look, however he fights along the good side against the evil and malicious forces.
He will use his fiery power and abilities for good!

His fire comes from a demonic sources through his blood stone on his belt.
With his gloves he can amplify his fire to an unbelievable strength.
When he doesn't wear his suit, he only can bend his fire very weakly. Probably enough to light up a cigarette.

Artwork © sparksstars on FurAffinity
Character (Friedrich Schäfer and alias Crimson Flame) © FriedrichSchafer