Partscaster Made With Vintage Parts by FretsMakesMusic

Partscaster Made With Vintage Parts


13 July 2017 at 03:16:41 MDT

I'm very proud of this guitar and very pleased with the way it came out playing and sounding. I have had this body and neck for some years and finally decided to build something cool with them.

The body is from a 1960's Harmony electric, the neck from a 70s made in Japan acoustic both of which have been newly refinished and slightly modified to work together. The pick guard is one I custom designed for this guitar and made here. The rest of the hardware and electronics is all new.

I selected this pickup combo to be versatile but distinctive. Between the between the Seymour antiquity in the bridge and the Gretsch Black Top Filtertron in the neck, this guitar sounds great playing rockabilly, blues, surf, jazz, rock and you can even get some tasty crunch out of this guitar it you run it through over drive or heavy distortion. The orange drop tone cap lets you roll down the tone without muddiness and the curve on the CTS pots gives you a nice smooth throw on both the tone and volume.

The neck of this guitar came from a bolt on acoustic. What that means is a wider nut width that is very comfortable, great for jazz, fingerstyle, even classical. The action is nice and LOW. Since these are frets I installed myself, I can cheat a little and set the action down super low without buzzing. The compound radius is also very comfortable and lets you bend the hell out the strings without fretting out. All in all, I think this is one of the most comfortable electric guitars I have ever played.

This guitar features:

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 bridge pickup
Gretsch Blacktop neck pickup
Orange Drop .022uf tone capacitor
Switchcraft three way pickup selector switch
CTS 10% 250k pots
wilkinson short tele bridge
wilkinson vintage style slot-shaft tuners
stainless steel 0 fret
parabolic custom carved bone nut
1 3/4 nut width (comfortable and wide!)
.295" string spacing at nut
compound radius that runs from 7.25" at the nut to 14" at the body
20 frets, newly installed (nickel silver)
Pearl dot inlays
double sided side dots (has side dots on both sides of the neck)
Indian rosewood fretboard
Mahogany Neck
Laminated body (which looks pretty cool with the clear finish IMO)
custom pick guard
star grounding
no need for bridge ground (doesn't change tone, hum etc when you touch the strings and is also safer)
New high gloss spar-poly finish on body
Neck finished in new satin spar-poly

I strongly stand by my work and believe that it is what sells my guitars. All of the repairs and setup work done at my shop is guaranteed. Not only am I willing to warranty the repair work that I do on any instrument for up to two years, I am willing to make sure that each player gets a setup on these instruments that works for them. If you need adjustments made to an instrument's setup that is bought here, I will do my best to make sure I can make it work for you.

The price is firm unless a trade can be offered. I know the value of the work I do and of the instruments themselves but I am always on the lookout for instruments that can be worked on and saved for a new life in a new home. I am open to partial trades. Generally, things I look for are fretted instruments that need work or repair, parts for guitars, cases and things like that. It's important for me to be able to fix and upsell things that come in. I am generally not interested in new guitars or things that are in playable condition.

I have other instruments here as well that you are welcome to check out and play and I also offer a full range of setup and repair services and sell a limited selection of accessories. Please feel free to call and setup an appointment.

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