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Kraters on Mars (Electric Guitar Instrumental) by FretsMakesMusic

Kraters on Mars (Electric Guitar Instrumental)

Kraters on Mars (Electric Guitar Instrumental)


This one builds kinda slow, but I think it was worth it. Lead guitar at about 1:22


I learned a bunch of cool stuff doing this one because I decided to try a few new things. I wanted to try building a song the way you see in some demos were they start off with the drum track, add bass, add rhythm guitar and then more melodic stuff. This is pretty different from the way I normally do things but the hope was also to end up with something a little different. The new usb amp I got to fool around with is what I used for the bass here. I am using a version of garage band that I have never used before, that is to say, not one that is old as fuck. I USED A DRUM MACHINE! It's the first time I have tried seriously messing around with one. This new version of garage band has some vintage drum machines in it and I wanted to try a few of them. It was cool learning to mess around with it and get what I wanted out of it. The last cool new thing was the recording the guitar parts. I have in the past miced my amps, but I decided I wanted to see if I was happy with the tone I got from the line out from this new tube amp. I was pleased :)