Most of my pokemon stuff by freeze-pop88

Most of my pokemon stuff


10 October 2014 at 19:37:23 MDT

MOST of my pokemon stuff, its missing a few things, and some things are hidden by other things unintentionally. and some things just aren’t here.

List of things:


Pikachu bag, 4 pikachus, Fennekin, Spheal, Dratini, Froakie, Chespin, Chimchar, Scraggy, Zorua, 4 Glaceons, 2 Jolteons, 2 Vaporeons, 2 Espeons, eevee, umbreon, leafeon, and flareon.


Meowth, Espeon, Sylveon, 4 Pikachus, Eevee, chespin, zangoose, zorua, zoruark, Tornadus therion, heioptile, Riolu, 2 Wobbuffet, Charmander, Gogoat, 3 Reshiram, 3 Glaceons, Victini, 2 Oshawott, 2 litwik, purugly, wormadum, pachirisu, buizel, Kyurem, and 2 Zekroms.


Sticker book, Activity book, Pokemon the first movie art book, (I can’t read most of the titles right now, sorry)


Pokemon the first movie, Mewtwo strikes back, 2000, Pokemon Movie 3, Pokemon 4 Ever, Pokemon Heros, 7 episode VHS tapes (can’t read title right now)

Yellow, Silver, Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White, White 2, X, Battle Trozie, Mystery dungeon exploreres of the sky, Mystery dungeon gates to infinity, and pokepark.


Pikachu hat, Pikachu hoodie, Glaceon stickers, Eeveelution mug, Pokemon project studio (blue), Pichu hat, 3 mcdonalds toys, wooden pikachu, Flareon necklace, Meowth Necklace, Pikachu necklace, Espeon necklace, Jolteon necklace, Pikachu candle, Meowstic (male) bottlecap pin, Glaceon keychain, ‘Gold’ mewtwo card, Laparas Tin thing and pikachu earbuds.