Winged Canine Adopt CLOSED by Freaker

Winged Canine Adopt CLOSED


27 January 2014 at 22:46:11 MST

So it's fair.... if I have more than one person interested in the adopt (note they will be here on FA and DeviantArt) I will pull a name out of a hat at random and the name pulled will be able to adopt.
Sort of like a Raffle but you have the pay... I'll note the winner and give you 48 hours to reply, once I receive a reply i'll send you my PayPal.


You can change the specie.
You may change the design a little.
You may add accessories if you like.
You can change the gender.
You may [b]NOT[/b] resell or claim the design as your own! And you must credit me the first time you draw the character.
Make sure if you draw your adopt to link me a picture, I'd love to see.
If you do not want the adopt anymore you can either give it as a gift or return it to me sup[/sup]
If you have any other question about do's and don'ts with the adopt just ask.
If you have read the rules please put "neon sparkle" in you comment if interested in adopting.

Art @ Freaker

Please do not steal, ripoff or resubmit this picture anywhere!!!

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