O-oh...uhm...d-did you need something? by Foxern

O-oh...uhm...d-did you need something?


13 July 2015 at 14:03:20 MDT

I don't know if she's more surprised that she has been caught working, the fact that she's working naked, or that they didn't knock.

A friend of mine (the DM for the campaign with Jeta, in fact) suggested I draw Jeta looking up from stitching up a corpse, covered in blood. So that's where the idea for this came from.

So I'd like to mention that I used brushes for the grain textures, brushes for Paint Tool Sai, if you'd like to know what brush I used google it or ask me. Other than that, it's just spray work and blur with ink pen for the thicker bits of blood. I feel like I have a very varying level of talent in different areas. I haven't done a background in a while but I think it turned out pretty good. And the blood work turned out good, too.