Artemis, Digigrade Armature Final by Foxena

Artemis, Digigrade Armature Final


6 April 2015 at 03:39:36 MDT

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The last picture I shared had been before she'd been fully finished. (buffing sanding etc)

I'm proud to show off the beautiful final product, the first affordable Digigrade Armature, brought to you by the folks at Digital double.

Send the message to Digital double to make Digigrade legs and furry heads a standard of the A9 store.

You can also check them out on Facebook, like their page, and sign up for updates on new products for the armatures he's making.

And of course check out their store:

If you spend $120 or more over time at his store (or all at once) you get Vip Acess to make your own custom armature. It only took ONE picture to (front view) to get this made so no worry about having to get tons of angles made. He makes proofs of the model before he prints it for you to review. The whole process took roughly a week.

Because she's roughly 9ish inches instead of 12, this armature cost around $70 to complete. Which really is a good deal for something far superior to anything on the market right now.

the biggest thing I want right now is to show the CEO of Digital Double that making Digigrade legs a standard option for the basic A9 model will meet demand.

I own eight standard armatures, each one gets a ton of use and they are remarkable tools I cannot recommend them enough.

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