Pikafox Plush Project by Fox_Dreamz

Pikafox Plush Project


29 August 2016 at 18:00:36 MDT

Decided to have a hand at making a pikafox plush. I never done anything like this before, but I wanted to try. I took pics of my progress so far... fingers crossed it comes out good.

  1. I started out with a cardboard cutout to help me form the patterns on the fabric. I made two of each piece just incase.
  2. after cutting out the patterns i started with the ears. This actually took me 3 tries because the first two just didn't work as i hoped. The picture i have posted was the one that came out the best.
  3. The next shape was the tail. which was a bit more difficult. If you notice, the zig-zag- like pattern wouldn't show on the tail. It may have been easier if i used a sewing machine, but i continued anyway.
  4. Made the eyes, nose, cheeks (which was surprisingly the easiest despite the crescent) and hair. These were very time consuming, but the end results were worth it
  5. This was by far the hardest part of making my plush. i had to place the pieces and make sure they were in the right spot and the fur made that far more difficult than it needed to be.6.stuffed it all and sewed the hair in completing the head fully, which leaves the body to do.

All the progress i have so far, hopefully this turns out good.
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