[Impling] Echo by Fortuna

[Impling] Echo


14 September 2017 at 16:47:29 MDT

Impling design for Lexa

Name: Echo
Height: 4'0'' /121 cm
Summoner: Alarik

Reagents: lyre bird feather, tabby cat fur, Chrysanthemum petals.

Echo was summoned by a man named Alarik, an adept mage and leader of a trade caravan to provide assistance and entertainment during the caravans long days and night on the road. She has quite a unique singing voice, and is very keen to use it whenever she gets the opportunity.
The Impling, with the voice of a Lyre bird, the fur of a tabby cat, and the pigments from a chrysanthemum, also proved adept at tracking down the rare herbs and flowers holding the magical properties often sought after by the magi and researchers of the universities the caravan would often visit.

Despite the danger that comes with traveling the roads between towns and cities, Echo is very curious and enthusiastic, and helps to keep the spirit high for the members of the caravan whenever she can. She’s an adventurous Impling with a love for learning almost as strong as her love for singing.