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SEP 14 - Kitty Fattening by ForkTailedFox

SEP 14 - Kitty Fattening


19 September 2015 at 13:07:49 MDT

Nameless cat lady gets a 'snack'!

I've been drawing lots more force-feeding/fattening things lately.

Hooray for that I guess!


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    Happy birthday lucky(?) cat lady \o/ One more from me on the house
    some begging for food after 4 days in the first panel would increase the impact imo... but maybe that's just because I'm a depraved garbagecan
    this is super nice

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      I'll take some of that word salad and run with it~

      Thank. <3

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        maybe some punctuation would have helped that time around

        Happy Birthday, lucky cat lady, if you would indeed consider yourself lucky! Hurrah! One more cake from me on the house!

        To the artist: In my opinion, had she been begging for food in the first panel after not being fed anything for four straight days, it would have increased the dramatic impact when she got "just what she wanted." It could just be, however, that I'm an imprudent ragamuffin.

        All in all, this is a wonderful piece!