when you can't cry by Forgotten-Twilight

when you can't cry


26 July 2016 at 10:41:35 MDT

because the tears evaporate the second they touch your skin

I forgot to mention that during our first session, Vent was reunited with his brother. They found him in a prison cell on the brink of death. He was tortured and unconscious. They tried to save him but a curse caused his untimely death. Vent held his brother in his arms. His other companions left the room, waiting for Vent to ready up to move forward. After a short rest, Vent came out of the room giving off a slight increase in temperature. His companions looked at him confused. He was now red with orange glowing markings. Instead of his constant wind blown hair it was now flowing upward and was very similar to a flame. Vent had changed to firesoul in his despair. The party moved forward and found two more cultists at the end of the hallway. They coaxed them into opening another cursed door and Vent now went into a rampage. Speeding forward he quickly thrust his scimitar into one of the cultists. Immediately killing them. The other quickly fell. The party swiftly moved into the now open room. Eight cultists hovered around a wounded maiden. Vent immediately ran forward again, using his cold blade to slice through another cultist. His companion easily took out the rest. As the cultists fell a visible dark energy could be seen moving into the maiden. She rose and screamed "WHY HAVE YOU DISRUPTED THE SUMMON OF OUR DARK LORD?!". She floated back and began to attack. The party began to attack, quickly bringing her down. Before Vent or Tox could get the final blow Amber called out that the maiden should be saved. They managed to barely keep her alive. As Tox and Amber shuffled out of the room with the maiden in tow, Vent looked back at the carnage. Pleased but not satisfied. This cult would continue trying a summon, this was not the end of them. Vent went back to his brothers body. Face unmoved he picked him up carefully and the party went back to the church to inform the inquisition.

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