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[$] Debugging In Progress - By WolfintheWalls by Fordoxia

[$] Debugging In Progress - By WolfintheWalls


Originally posted on 9 March 2018.
Originally manufactured on 4 October 2017.

Everyone needed a break sometimes.

The hotel was welcoming to all, the prevailing slogan being 'Rest your head, we'll take care of you', and who could resist such a charming place? It was quite an interesting mix of cozy and elegant, from the staff to the way the rooms all seemed so warm and inviting. It was definitely worth it.

Delta and Harry had no idea what the rumors were, they simply checked in, got their keys, and were escorted to room 314.

There was nothing to do now but rest.

The card on the bed simply said 'Enjoy your stay!' and nothing more.

It seemed like only a few minutes passed between the both of them settling in to rest and recharge that it became anything but!

Something grabbed them, simultaneously keeping them pinned and wrapping them each in a strong, sticky material that could not be broken or torn, and the more both bots tried to struggle, the tighter it all seemed to become. Delta's smaller body was wrapped up much quicker, suspended over the bed without any hope of rescue. Harry followed soon after, more webbing needed to fit over his body and keep him from moving.

As he was strung up over the bed, he spotted the card. The text had changed!

Debugging in progress!

I kept forgetting to upload this, but hey, better late than never, right?

Halloween comission done by the wonderful WolfintheWalls (who also wrote the story for this piece), see the original here:

Both me and DELT4 chipped in to get this made, very pleased with the results.

Delta belongs to DELT4.

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