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Just Harry's very patriotic captivity (Part 3) by Fordoxia

Just Harry's very patriotic captivity (Part 3)


Originally posted on 31 July 2016.

Part 1 Over here
Part 2: Over there
Part 3: You are here

Before he knew it, Harry had been stuffed into the most adorable eagle plushie anyone had ever seen. He sat leaning up against the wall, unable to get up by himself without considerable effort. He was surrounded on all sides by a good foot or so of stuffing at the thinnest parts, making his movements sluggish and tiring. It was far better at this point to just lie there.

He heard a small click when he was zipped up, and knew what it was, but it didn't really matter. Even if the stuffing didn't prevent him from reaching back that far, his hands were trapped inside a pair of well stuffed wings, making it impossible to manipulate anything with any degree of dexterity. If escape was possible before, it wasn't anymore. Not that he wanted to, of course.

Well, I finally had an excuse to draw plushies. So I took it. I am so jealous of Harry right now.

I think I did well for my first time trying it. As far as I am aware, this is currently the only bald eagle plushsuit on the site.

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