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Bad Company by Fluxxx

Bad Company


3 March 2013 at 09:12:27 MST

Here you have the core group of a band of highway men (and one herm). Of course four people aren't big enough to rob a train, or often even a truck, there often backed up by hired guns. Only three work in the field, Lirleni has conned his way into a job at the local freight office, and serves as their source, fence and supplier of whatever they need when the heat is on.

Like any good western story, each has their own history, so we have

Woggle the drifter (me), a wanderer with no known roots, equipped with a pistol, passive shield bracelet and mortar

Lirleni, the aforementioned grifter (my RL mate) who always has a small pistol with him

[Scotty<, a vagabond turned criminal carrying a rifle and a pistol

Silvertail, thief for life armed with a rifle, knife and pistols

The setting is an anachronistic western world, computers, electric lamps, flying cars all exist here within an otherwise western setting. Also weapons come from a variety of time periods, but no laser guns here (Woggle's mortar for example is a badly drawn M2 from WWII).


Art ©[Saeto 15[/ur]

Characters ©their players](>](

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    Good to see this here too! Still a lovely piece!

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      Glad you like it. There's actually a companion piece i just recently got finished by Rhari, and should be uploading this weekend starring Me, Lirleni and Lionel.